Meet The Organizer

Macon certified professional organizerHi! I'm Patricia Solomon. I'm a native of Macon, Georgia where I attended Northeast High School and Wesleyan College. 

After a successful 32-year career working for a Fortune 50 company as a claims specialist in the medical insurance industry, I retired and began focusing on my passion for helping people add more organization and style into their everyday lives. 

I am a member of the National Organization of Professional Organizers (NAPO) as a professional organizer and productivity consultant, and have completed rigorous coursework and continuing education classes to stay current with the latest trends and best practices in home organization.

Two core beliefs drive my organization and style philosophy:

  1. An organized life is a more healthy and productive life. 
  2. You should reflect your personal style in everything you do.

Are you ready to add more organization and style to your life? Contact me to get started.

Have questions? Take a look at my list of Frequently Asked Questions about professional organizing.


How I Work With My Clients

Getting organized is a process much like getting in shape. I act as your personal trainer for organizing your home and your life, using my expertise to help you develop systems and solutions that work with your busy schedule, not against it. Before I make any recommendations, I take the time to get know your unique needs and lifestyle. 

I'm not here to judge or critique my clients. I'm here to help you reclaim your life and your space, so you can focus on the things that matter most. When you partner with me as your professional organizer, you'll learn useful tips, get the chaos under control and have fun in the process!

No Judgement

I'm not here to critique or judge, but to help you and your family chart a path from chaos to order.

You're in Control

I act as your coach, but you get the final say in what stays, what goes and what will ultimately work for your life.

Specialized Expertise

In addition to professional home organizing, I offer my clients a unique skillset in medical bill organization and assistance. 

Ongoing Support

Need help maintaining order after your initial organizing project? I'm always here to help. Ask me about regular maintenance packages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional organizer?

Professional organizers help you with the home organizing tasks that you either dread doing or are too huge to tackle on your own. A professional organizer acts as a skilled and knowledgeable coach - not only helping you with one-time organizing projects, but also helping you to establish everyday systems to keep your home organized.

How much should a professional organizer cost?

Professional organizer fees and costs vary based on the size and scope of the organizing project. When I work with my clients, I understand their budget for the project and craft an organizing plan that allows you to achieve your organizing goals while staying within budget.

Shouldn't I just hire a cleaning service?

While your home may look nice and organized after hiring a cleaning service, it's a temporary fix for a larger problem. A cleaning service won't help uncover the reason why you are disorganized, and since a one-time cleaning won't address your specific organizing style and needs, your space will quickly become disorganized again.

If you want to get organized and stay organized hire an expert. An organizer will get to the bottom of your disorganization and will work one on one with you and anyone else that uses the space to develop a customized system that is easy to maintain and makes sense.

Are you going to make me get rid of all of my stuff?

If clutter is a big issue for you, you may have to eliminate some things, but you will have the final say in what goes and what stays. I'll help you identify which items are adding value to your life and which ones you can let go of without feeling like something's 'missing'. Working with a professional organizer who is neutral, empathetic and is skilled in helping clients overcome their fear of letting go, will make the process easier. 

Should I clean my home before your visit?

It's best that I observe your home in its natural state so I can see what clutter or disorder exists and develop solutions that are specifically tailored to your home and lifestyle. As a professional organizer, I'm used to seeing different kinds of disorganization, and I offer a no-judgement approach to all of my clients.

Will you actually do the organizing, or will you show me how to do it?

A little bit of both. With most of my clients, I work side-by-side with them to sort, purge and establish ongoing organizational habits. Some clients want to to take a more DIY approach, where I help them with an organization plan and provide support and guidance as they tackle the work themselves. 

Will I really be able to stay organized once you're finished?

Just as you maintain your car with regular oil changes or your maintain your body with healthy habits, keeping your home organized is an ongoing process. Before I finish your project, I'll show you the small daily activities that you can do to stay on top of your goals and keep clutter from coming back. If you find that you need help keeping it all together is becoming difficult or if your organization system needs a little tweaking, I can also provide periodic maintenance. 

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