Professional Organizing Services

I work with my clients to help achieve and maintain order in all areas of their home life. Below are some of the most common home organizing services I deliver:

macon professional organizing services

Living Space De-Cluttering

  • Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and children's play areas. Includes an initial phone consultation, in-home assessment and de-cluttering and custom organizing solution for one or more rooms.

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  • Custom Closet Design & Organization

    Cure your closet clutter. Keep your current closet system or let our team design and install a new closest storage & shelving solution for your needs.

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  • Kitchen Organization

    Transform your kitchen into a well-functioning hub for your home. I organize every cabinet, drawer and pantry shelf to create order out of chaos.

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  • Wardrobe Makeover

    Revamp your wardrobe and curate a clothing collection that truly reflects your personal style. I'll help you get rid of old clothes, and even teach you shopping tips to make sure every new item you buy is an item you'll cherish.
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  • Garages, Basements & Storage Spaces

    Turn your under-utilized storage space into a functioning, well-organized part of your home. From everyday items to seldom-used supplies, I'll sort and organize it all so everything is within arm's reach.

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  • Time Management

    Make the most of every day! I'll teach you tricks for prioritizing and setting realistic daily goals so that your to-do lists always get done without you feeling overwhelmed.  

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  • 'Never-Late' Bill Pay System

    Never pay another late fee due to disorganization. I'll help you design a bill tracking and payment system that works with your budget and keeps in you in good financial standing.  

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  • Medical Bill & Insurance Claim Assistance

    Put over 30 years of medical and insurance billing expertise to work for you. I act as a skilled liaison between my clients and hospitals, doctors and insurance companies to get the maximum coverage for your insurance expenses.

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Personal Assistant Services

Save time and get more done! I offer hands-on personal assistant services to help you manage life's daily tasks, plan for special occasions and reduce your stress. Here's how I deliver more time and more freedom to my clients and their families:

Personal Task Assistant 

Feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done? I can help! From running errands to waiting for the repair man, I act as a trusted and reliable assistant so you can focus on what matters most. Get help with:  
  • Scheduling home & auto repairs
  • Personal gift shopping for birthdays and holidays
  • Sending invitations, cards and thank you notes
  • Moving assistance - Packing / unpacking
  • Arranging appointments
  • Waiting for home contractors, e.g., plumber, electrician, etc.
  • And more!
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Elder Care & Assistance 

Whether you need someone to help you care for an elderly loved one or you need a helping hand after a surgical procedure, you can count on me to provide caring, attentive non-medical assistance to maintain the quality of life you deserve! 
  • Meal & grocery delivery
  • Companion visits & wellness checks
  • Assist with light household tasks
  • Prescription pick-up
  • Schedule doctor's appointments
  • And more!
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How It Works

I take a consistent approach to organizing projects to deliver consistent results to all of my clients. Here's what you can expect when you work with me:

Initial Phone Consultation (FREE)

15-20 minute phone consultation to discuss your areas of concern and your organization goals

In-Home Assessment + Action Plan ($55)

After we've discussed your needs and organization goals, I'll schedule an in-person visit to assess the space(s) you need help with. Next, I'll develop a custom organization plan. We'll review the details of your plan together, so you can ask questions and ensure that the plan is in line with your goals and style preferences. From there, you can choose to implement your custom organization plan on your own, or you can enlist my professional help on a pay-per-session or package basis.

Pay-Per-Session (from $120 per session)

Pay upfront for 1 or multiple organizing sessions that you can schedule as needed. Perfect for ongoing organization on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Or, use this option to work on large organization projects over a period of time. Minimum 3 hours.

Pay-Per-Hour (quoted by project)

Not sure how much organizing you need? Purchase the exact number of hours that fits your budget and your organizing needs! 

Choose a Professional Organizing Package (*priced per project)

Package #1: "Clean Sweep" 

A good place to start for those new to professional organizing and for those who need a regular re-set of their home. Includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • In-home assessment + action plan
  • De-cluttering and organizing for up to 4 rooms (e.g., living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen)
  • Supply shopping

Package #2: "Child's Play" 

Get kids' and teens' rooms under control and set up for them to manage easily on their own. Includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • In-home assessment + action plan
  • De-cluttering and organizing for up to 2 rooms (e.g., kids' bedroom, playroom)
  • Supply shopping, as needed*

Package #3: "Ready, Set, Sell!" 

De-clutter and stage your home in preparation for selling. Includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • In-home assessment + action plan
  • De-cluttering, organizing and light decorating for up to 3 rooms (e.g., living room, kitchen, master bedroom)
  • Supply shopping, as needed*

Package #4: "Closet Detox" 

Purge your closet to make room for only what you love. Includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • In-home assessment + action plan
  • Closet overhaul (i.e., removing / donating old items, organizing remaining items)
  • Supply shopping, as needed*

Package #5: "Home for the Holidays" 

Get your home holiday ready. Includes:

  • Phone consultation
  • In-home assessment + action plan
  • De-cluttering and holiday decorating for up to 3 rooms (e.g., living room, dining room, den)
  • Supply shopping, as needed*

*Note: Does not include cost of supplies.

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